Sunday, November 21, 2010

moonwalk n talk

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركلته

n greeting to all non muslims…

moonwalk n talk??? sound interesting to me…hik hik..maa nee

straight to d point…few days go…my fren n i had a party..sort d roof top…in nite under d open sky n wif the moon n only one shiny things probably satelite instead of star as our VIP guest..kui kui..

great!!! eating bitza, cake, drink tea(wif d cold weather outside….huhhh…great), eating fathirah n firakh maswi….lazizzzzz giddan!!! to be true, its been long since we, KIBA graduate last gather round…its our chingu, maira idea…thanks to her…

sometime to feel different air is also great..change our mood…gives us time to thinks of the creation Allah create..walk n talk wif our chingu…n so on

in reality, it make me think sometime…tis is medical student life huh??? sokka…we fill our empty wif friends from hardwork n studies…

medical student gambaru masho!!!!!!!!!!!!

till then n keep smilling bcoz Allah is watching >_<




tis is alexandria nite view…

always bwuduk

greetings n السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

minna san keep smilling nae!!!! bcoz Allah love The Most Beautiful n love beautiful…didnt people who smile look more beautiful??? naa then smile always to others but bcoz of Allah nae…haik gambaru masho on that !!!!!

always bwuduk….being here in egypt especially we, malaysian students learn to always in wuduk bcoz its hard to search 4 water….naaa not tat hard tat u imagine but sometime there are time we running out of water so be prepared bcoz solat is d most important things!!!! we went to lectures n section wif wuduk wif us so if da masuk waktu solat we can just pray. here we need to rush…running b4 time not after time bcoz our time was so precious!!! lecturer will start at any time…hihihi(pliz don imagine tat medical student was so busy…not tat busy….we r managing our time, tats how it is…)

something greta i learn here in egypt their people took solat as their top priority…n we can just pray whenever we want…besides d road…besides d lecture hall! at station wherever!!! hotto nie

still people had their pride n we all prefer a special, clean and comfortable place to meet HIM right???  DSC01349

Saturday, November 20, 2010

GoIng tO ThE BeAcH



going to the beACH was something i loved to do in leaisure….either morning or evening the feeling was d same. the breeze keep welcoming me. loved to walk slowly wearing the thin clothes n sat all evening besides the sea…facing it…everytime i go it must be a deep thinking moment.  everytime it always teach me new things new experienced new lesson, give me new spirit n strength n there would always new doa. i wonder what if d end of the year came??? a time tat i need to move out of the hostel n step to another stage….will i had anytime to visit it more…maa nee

Allah knows  all. demo…i will take d step for sure…i want to graduate as a doctor with wide knowledge…

i watch a movie, it said “why did we choose this career(doctor) instead of others???” it would be many ans “loved, passionate, dignity n pride. besides, help other was some of d ans” but d truth was said “we(doctors) do it for d people we loved” when i think of it deeply…its comes out to be true~~~

till then…with lots of lot from a doctor to be..keep smilling bcoz Allah is watching…>_<



Sunday, October 10, 2010

ArABiAn a.k.a arab people 1

salam. peace be upon you n greetings to all muslim n non muslim

arab people or arabian is define as d origin people who live in arabic country such as egypt. the arabic people i’m talking is more focus on egyptian people becoz i live among them.

when 1st came here, i heard many type of version of how egyptian was. some says they hard on us n some said they were great like angle…mmm spt yg kite slalu dgr manusia bleh jd baik mcm malaikat n jahat mcm setan…overkan tp tulah kenyataan

okey…i dont wanna tell you how egyptian was but i gonna tell you stories n you can be the judge!!! but its may be bias as its only come from my point of view or what i experiance. mmm..most of what i can recall was good things less on bad. but some people may analyse why are they acting good?? may be they had bad intention??? who knows..again you can be d judge!!!

okey i gonna tell you one story today…

one day…(ceihh..klasik betul), as i was on my way to hostel we dropped by a store. we wanted to buy milk. (as far as i know we love drinking milk here as its good for our body resistent…hmm). so usually if we wanted to buy milk we would buy 3-4 packet not only 1 just like we drinking it just on d day. no. we buy stock for a month usually. n d generall store we usually go run out of milk…(sape laaa yg beli sampai habis niee..) so we walked again n dropped by another store…hmmm…kecik tapi penuh satu kedai brg die…so we ask for bukhairah(milk brand) n they said what?? we said: bikhairah….laban(stand 4 susu)

they said ooOO bikhiro!!! seem like diffrnt people of egyptian said diffrently..huuuuhhhhh(tganga!!) n they keep laughing n singing ‘bikhiro bikhiro be hero be hero…i’m a hero’

we: bikhiro fiii???@ bikhiro ade??(mmm friendly jgk pcik niee) bikam@brape???

they: fiii… khamsah wa nus@5.50 L.E

we: takhfid syuwai…khamsah mashi??? @ kuranglaa skit…5 genith bleh???

they: is d final..if i sell 5 genith i’ll rugi. u buy at the gama’ah cheaper bcoz tats d army place they got discount…tis is not the army area..bla bla bla. know what 1st we talk in arabic but then when they were mad they talk in english!!! sebal betul gue…they start mumbling till we agree as we didnt had another choice no other store we found sell for 5.50 except 6 genith.. it seems like cost of things here diffr from place 2 place even just u walk minutes n found another store..there u go another cost for d milk.

its just us who need to bijak mcari tmpt mbeli..kedai niee brg nie murah kedai nie brg nie mahal n so on… n my fren bought bikhiro only for 4 genith something at carefour..hahaha..but we need to catch for taxi with 5 genith..xpela lain kali kite borong 4 bulan depan..

keep reading d next story n smilling as always.

rememmber u can be d judge!!


pst: not d store…dis is d other store selling biscuits..n the store owner earlier  was guy!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

medical ethics


convensyen center aka 1st module session

salam. peace be upon you n greetings to all. i’m smilling as always. Ya Rabb plizz give me strength to keep only smile.

our 1st module for our 1st semester was just finished. alhamdulillah everything went smooth n d rest is doa n tawakal. my roomate once said: never afraid of exam but believe in usaha doa n tawakkal. so its mean believe in Allah is all what we need.  حسن ظن بلله

okey what we just learn in 1st module…yah we were bit nervous when we going to start d module back there. but it turns the other way as what we learn 1st is study skill?? what is d correct way for a doctor to study???  simple thing but yes we were thought on that. a good doctor is d one who keep on learning.  it said in the module: through the ages, medicine has been describe as the noblest profession as a good doc is keen on acting according to moral science not as an obligation but because it is right d thing to do. n  thats what we learn in medical ethics!!!!

its a guide how a graduate doct shuld be later.  n it make me realise how the doctors of the centuries been so sincere. what about me? is my niat is in the right place as great as them??? ikhlas kah kite nk jadi doc??? malulah pade diri sendiri kalau niat anda x seperti nie saat masyarkt memanandg ia sbg pekerjaan yg mulia.

we also learn biostatistis…sound hard!!! but alhamdulillah its easier than in spm. what more interesting the keen of our lecture teaching us over n over again till we understood!!! they always love if we call them sisters brothers mothers n fathers.

n what more, we learnt med term tat what medic student call, stand for medical terminology. tis one was fun learning the secret language of the doc. muahahaha n some term comes out so funny!!! exampla cephallo means head n many more

n tas all we learnt in 1st module. yah gonna go prepared my mental for d 2nd modul, nutrient. biochemistry!!!!_feeling undescribe-able

jaaa nee~~~salam

keep smilling ALLAH is watching u!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

makanan YG DimaKan Of cOz La oLeH HUMan

JUS aka a'sir tebu..betul2 tebu lah...n plastik kedai wahba kedai makanan pling murah n sering jd tmpt budk mara aka malaysia beli makanan(harga jus 1 L.E)

nasi kafe seri putera (harga 8 L.E)
kebab aka shawarma dlm basa arab mesir...byk daging...kurg sayur (HARGA 5 L.E)

makrunah..sedap n murah org ckp tp didnt suit my tongue (HARGA 3 L.E)

kedai kek amik gmbr n kena tgkap nasib jaga die pompuan
tp yg lain sume laki (PLG MURAH 5.25 L.E)

minum time 1st visit to uni..air kopi pekat n panas...yg penting free promotion muahaha

makan sikit yg dah jatuh...belum dikeringkan lagi..rase kelat sikit tp sedap

makan time orientasi.. yg besar tue ade keju masin..pelik!!!
yg kecik tue manissss
air kotak jus sedapppp

makan tepi pantai..panjat benteng ngan senior 1st time pegi
roti choklat

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

mesir aka 2nd WoRLD


greetings...smilling peace be upon you... السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركته

(X JWB LAGI X TAHU lagii laaa..penat doh naip kut arab tuee) hai...hai hehehe ermmm..want tell..or better said write my days till now in egypt specifically alexandria...1stly its great to be here..alhamdulillah everything tat Allah had decide n plan for us is d best.. n if happens d other side i mean bad...its just us who need to think y Allah test us so..u'll find d answer..n as for me..its cormfy to ask d question always everytime something happend so y Allah send me tis strange world, far from my family, y Allah decide me to be the family doctor despite of engineer, chef, architect, designer, teacher, or dentist maybe coz tats way easier then tis... know wat, not all answer we could get it in one blink..

sometimes Allah kept the answer to make us keep as for me, for all d question that played in my mind some got answer n some still unanswered. tose all sometime give me strenght to keep struggle to d end point. n went i down, i kept questioning questionairs tis n tat. it good for my own self to settle tis went i was down but still sitting..better when sitting then laying. so i can keep standing n sitting

Ya Rabb, if oneday YOU destined me to be layed down

pliz do give strenght to sit stil

Ya Rabb, if one day YOU destined me to be sitting

pliz do give me strenght to stand still

Ya Rabb, if one day YOU destined me to stand

plizz do give me strength to fly

plizz do give strength to climb higher

only to you i ask help n from YOU i got help

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

truth or false game

greetings. peace be upon us. assalamualaikum(jwb dulu)

erm...frankly speaking,
todays my last day...last evening n last nite in malaysia..
frankly speaking,
my flight is 1.30 a.m on sept 16.
i'm flying.....i'm flying~~~
na u may think its got nothing to be wif the truth or false game...hehehe
ma nee..i think it shuld be only truth game!!!! hehehe

okey continued...
frankly speaking,
i cant denied,
i cant hide this nervousness feeling dripping from my eyes
i cant hide the heart beat beating like a tsunami in my life
its gonna changed ma life
a big change
okey then i cant stop the changes
maa nee
i could not lied that i hates changes
but people need change to became a better person
Ya Rabb if i gonna change
plizz i just only want the better old me
not a new me
Ya Rabb i love
the old me
that mom n dad had been mending
had been guarding my way
had been my guidance in being a better me
plizz Ya Rabb
i love tat old me
the good old me
that obey You
Ya Rabb
protect me from all the bad things
n from any sickness
give me strength n health
give me succes
only to YOU i ask for help
n only from YOU i get help

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ruang Rindu


Di daun yang ikut mengalir lembut
Terbawa sungai ke ujung mata
Dan aku mulai takut terbawa cinta
Menghirup rindu yang sesakkan dada
Jalanku hampa dan kusentuh dia
Terasa hangat oh didalam hati
Kupegang erat dan kuhalangi waktu
Tak urung jua kulihatnya pergi
Tak pernah kuragu dan slalu kuingat
Kerlingan matamu dan sentuhan hangat
Ku saat itu takut mencari makna
Tumbuhkan rasa yg sesakkan dada

Chorus 2x:
Kau datang dan pergi oh begitu saja
Semua kutrima apa adanya
Mata terpejam dan hati menggumam
Di ruang rindu kita bertemu

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

sahur yg kecoh~~ iluvmyfamily

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
peace be upon you and may Allah bless us all

hmmm...sahur pg niee kecoh betul...umy and abah decided so suddenly pergi kat uni achik tuk anta barang. soo mlm tuee umy dah igt kan siap2..maknn yg kena masak sahur cooking fo sahur?* what have u imagine...
well umy terang ngan detailnyer satu2 cara masakan..tapi x tahu knapa zakiah dgn slamber x salin pom..x catit pom ape yg kene schoking alhamdulillah nasib jadi makanan jgk laa

nak jadi kan crita angah a.k.a pengkritik makanan no1 ade kat umoh..when hes home..oooOO
jadi gegak laa isi rumah ngan lawak2nyer yg mdh myentak sel2 neuron..bless him. lucu malam tue adikku si ahmad yg panjang melebihi kakaknyer ini siap2 igtkan
"pese ko angoh suruh gerok..angoh jah laa harape kito", hahaha
cam die tahu bimbg jer prangai kakaknyer yg susah nk tsedar plus klu sahur lg laaa awal kena bgn..hahaha..thanks my liltle brother..padahal sblm nie xde nk amik kesah..rupernyer kesah jgk kamu yerr...acting cool laa tuee
so zakiah yg lurus bendul..hahaha..xlah tp mmg takut laa klu xsedar pgi laa pesan ngan si angah kejut

"kare gerok kiah deh nk masok sahur", dah tahu yg angah nie burung hantu
"pkul brapo?"
"hoo..kare kalu angah gerok bangun lalu laa", nada angah mase tue..bleh bygkan cam kalu zakiah x bgn jgk die sahur sensorang..angah nie bkn bleh kire klu mende2 camni slambe jer dier nk buat...ish ish

so 4.30 angah kejut..dgn senang plak zakiah bgn..alhamdulillah..
bgn..masak air..okey mula memasak
1-udg goreng kunyit-umy cakap umpan tuk adik bgn sahur
2-panaskan ikan bawal masak masam manis-ade 1.30 jer lagi simpan ko ahmad die suke makan t dio tak makan plak*ahmad klu dah ade yg die suke lg die suke
3-goreng ikan-udin x makan ayam..t x bsahur plak dier..psan umy
4-goreng telur-nie tuk yg lain yg x bkira ade ape mkn jer..msetilah for d brothers n sister a.k.a me
5-panaskn sayur air-kuah tuk sahur

huhuhuT___T sayangnyer umy kat kitorng bimbg tinggal kami xde yg nk masak sahur..bimbang kan sakit perut puasa zakiah pom masak laa pagi tue n dgn baik hati angah tlong buat air teh, siap meja n hidang2* hes acting like our big bro today

haru biru sahur ckp byknyer makanan!!!!
angah n anik mula membebel byk lauk..x pandai betul masak lbh..dah laa goreng udg kunyit bawang x layu laaa mcm2..x naek bau bawang laa..eee...zakiah lurus bendul laa umy suh msak smua die msak smua laa...x pandai budget laa n zakiah ckp laa umy pesan satu2

kalau laa angah n anik tau bile time dgr umy pesan tue..zakiah tfikir bimbgnyer umy..kenalnyer umy ngan prangai kami adik-bradik sensorang...n time tue zakiah hanyer tfikir nk buat mcm yg umy pesan gune resepi mcm umy jar...letak udg goreng dulu baru bawg n lada2...#sayu#
n zakiah nak bile umy balik n tanyer mcm maner t umy bangge sbb umy xyah bimbang
n zakiah nak adik-bradik zakiah x rase sedih n dapt makan sahur macm umy masak


sahur nie lagi best dr yg zakiah gambrkan..biar laa dgr anik n angah plus udin skali membebel tp time tue kite sahur sambil gelak2 jgk sbb tue kan..time tuee makanan smua abis jgk kan sbb angah n anik marah suh makan sampai abis jgk...
adik, anik n udin abiskan udg
zakiah, abiskan ikan amad
amad, lpas makan trus tido lagi..huhu
angah makan telur, sahur siap makan tambah2 lagi, siap makan budu sambal n sgala bagai lagi macm bukan sahur..hahahah
lpas tue mlm umy balik sibuk crite kat umy zakiah masak x pandai laa gegak gempita umah. kalu laa achik n ayong ade kat umah..mesti lagi riuh kan..hahahaha
trima kasih..thanks for being my family during happy and hard time
gonna miss this when i go to alex

dear sisters n brothers,
احبكم في الله
با رك الله الم في الدني و الاخرة

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

dpt fon baru

dear mr blogger n ms diaries...
i'm happy today..bcoz umy accompany me to mall n we bought a new handphone..chukkitaaa!!
i choose the white one from sony ericson brand. 1st i thought of buying only nokia bcoz its lifetimewas longer n wasnt easily broken..demo..when i said is there any nokia phone wif the best camera application? none. both my brother n d seller said no, only sony got that bcoz u need cybershot for good heart sank to the bottom of my boots..hmmm
alas i chose sony as mom said its harder for me to control or manage to device plus in another country i am not use to. i cant deny even my heart yearn for a camera but mums know better than logically as for d 1st time i may feel happy having a camera but then it'll be a burden for me when going to class n needed to bring both. mmm..i believe in u mum..u know wat best for n i know u only want the best for ur children.
then i pay the phone wif my mara check rm4oo n mum added some of hers. thanks mum..lucky for me to got a new phone+camera..yay banzai!!! alhamdulillah
mum ind future i hoped i didnt burdened u more..ameen
ya rabb please grant me my doa, please do lessen our burden in the future. please make things easier for us fil dunia wal akhirat

Thursday, April 29, 2010


salam. peace be upon you..entry nie dah lame tp br jerr nk dipostkan.

coco n sarang recycle nyer sabar yer coco

ooo...hensem upernyer si coco nie tue la psal pmalu sgt kot

keciknyer coco lg kecik dr tapak tgn

si coco yg pemalu..hahahaha

one day, time, my lil bro was just ready to cycle his beloved crimson bicycle..came our neighbour name achik with something in his hand.. achik ten ask udin.
"nk g masjid ko din??" "hoo. bakpo chik??? gapo tuh dale tgn demo??", ask udin in return..
achik with his smilling face...keep smilling..showing his teeth.."hehehe..burung..nk wi ko mu nok dok". udin, " igat mano...bakpo mu x peronyo???"
"bukee...ank burng nie jatuh pahtu keno tggal ko mok dioo..pahtu aku jupo tp mok aku x wi pero...."
"ank brung gapo..titir ko kukur nieh??? ee boleh jgk tp tkut mok aku xwi jgak"
"ank titir aku raso..sbb size dio nok dop???"
"buleh laaa....", udin's finale decision!!! he decide to adopt d baby bird!!! yay!!

then, he call me, "kiah amik niee..udin nk gi smaye..". n when i go...that was d time d story begun........ it so for its fur was brownish..size-small. cute, naughty but shy...1st 2 n 3 days coco with us i didnt giv much time to it bcoz udin's there helpin it eating n drinking but later udin's bcoming busy..yeah!! of coz he need to go to school n as for i'm staying home back there_having so much time to waste...kui kui so i take d responsibilities..
it was just coco know me..d one who fed it mostly in d morning n i felt so close to it
there is sometime it didnt wanna eat excpt being fed by me..hehehe kawai nee
i also tought coco to make sound..shrieking as he was so small to shout..kui kui
whenever i walk pass it, i made d sound n make sure he reply..if not i keep making d sound
he was so clever to copy me so sooner...making me love him more...sarangaeyoooo...
i bcoming more busy=house chores+prepration 4 d interview(wrtting essay n so on)+filling form
n so on..i spared lil time wif coco n ask my other sibling n mom 2 to look for..
unluckly...a few day b4 i depart to terengganu 4 d interview, he broke his leg!!! there was a rustic nail in between d cage's woods. he no more jumping from my hand whenever i try to catch it. he looks soo weak..i can see he wasnt smilling. n when i call him he ans wif its sadist damei damei..dont!!!!!!!!!
i dont wanna give up..i gav him extra care. change d cage n fed him better. i put gamat oil so tats his wound will be fine sooner. i can see changes in him, he ate more eagerly than b4..but he didnt like to walk d one of d things he love to do b4. he also love flying but i just let him, or trained him sometime as i'm afraid if he was really2 flying n left to d outside world. he was still so small. i was determined to let him free when he recover n grew bigger. hik hik hik.
a day b4 i left to trengganu, i remind my bro to take gud care of him. n when i came back he was still d same. things going on for a few weeks. later, i was call to register myself at cherating for preparation progrm..i left him home witha heavy heart n feeling. i look at him, he was as usual better. i remind my family over n over to take gud care of it. i post his photo on fb n comment on those pic happily, easier 4 me to look at, at cherating later..
he go..he left me when i wasnt beside him. he died of his illness. he must be very sick n i didnt know. he must endure it all alone. poor him. he just a small birdy. he must be calling praying for his mom to come. he was just an orphan. why shuld it happent to him?? wae??
maybe he was just acting better in front of me?? i knew the news later then d day of his death. my family didnt told me. they may think i will be very upset. yes i am!!
my bro told me n i denied it for several time thinking maybe he was lying to me as this is my 1st time been far from home. my heart felt like been cut wif a sharp knife. its hurt!! coco!!!!!!!!!!!
~coCo iN MeMoRy~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

missing my messy blog

assalamualaikum. greeting. peace be upon u.

hmmm..its been too long since i last update my blog entry..frankly speaking i open it everytime i can but totally cant make any new entry since i was very the busy(ceih ceih koya busy skit). demo!!!!!!! wat is imporant is ITS FULL WITH COBWEBS oh noo!!!!!!! damei damei!!!! getting late now, 1st i said 2 myself "i'm going to sleep at 11 or 12 tonite" but i 4got i need to help mum with d dish..after my ummu back home from her niteclass, she cooked gulai ikan..mmm..1st i ask ummi wat was d strange-looking-fish in d fridge bcoz i'm going to cook it 2morrow..if i didnt use d fish then there no more things to i ask mum as it will be easy for me to search 4 a recipe in the internet if i know its names. surprisingly, the name is 'gruk' donno how wasit spell-ed n pronounce. since its too weird name i believe i cant find any recipe 2morow. tat was my simple-minded-conclusion. therefore, luckily ummni said she'll help me to cook tonite..


at 11 ummi back home safely wif my brother. alhamdulillah. then after finished other matter..i remind my ummu bout d fish...huhuhu...luckily i rember to remind her. so at 12 or something we began cooking wif all -the-already-prepared-material(yeke owg putih pggil material??). hmm puan2 tuan2..don look down on gulai ikan. it needs gentle-loving-cooking-stail. hahaha..but its d truth. i'm telling u!!!!!! bcoz fishes are soo soft meat so we cant stir d gulai. if not it will be a mess to d gulai. so instead of stirring we need to use other method like 'lenggang..pernah dgr owg ckp lenggng?'
so wif that we had a nice delicious gulai ikan!! yay.

ooppss..forget bout the ingredient(hmm nie baru betul laa zakiah) n the cooking method(yeke nie??)
okey !st boil a little water dlm periuk..mmmm..tis one must be over boil or 100 degree celcius hot!! **rember tat or not ur gulai will turn to 'bbutir2 wif santan'(susah jugak nk ckp nieh)
2nd wen the water is 100 degree celcius boiling add the santan n **remmber to stir is as frequent as u can to prevent to cougulating.yeh!!!
3rd..wen d santan boiled for moments add d blended ingredient (3 onion, one garlic, 4 slices tumeric, 3 dried chilies_bgantung pd how much was d fish laa yer**remmber to blend d chilies 1st b4 other so tat d chilies is well blended n tak jadik biig piecesss...camtu laa lebih kurang) n smashed lengkuas(camtu larr)
4th wen the mixture boiled again add the fishes..n few minutes later add some cucumber n green chillies
5th let d fish n the cucumber cooked 1st then add salt(season d gulai..yer)
6th if d taste is delicious n all is cooked then its already cooked and ready to be eaten with nice-white-warm rice..slamat mencuba dan menjamu selera!!

p/sst: mmm..i'm going to sapu d sesawng yg memenuhi blog ku..till then..jaa nee*__*

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ApE NaK jAdi

salam.. greetings to all. peace be upon us all.
*smillin as usual* fren deal must be waitin for her time-keeper note..gome..tbh..i finished it already..but still need somethin to do..u know deal..wif ur stamp!!!..muahaha..ur own di da

okey..maybe u want 2 know wat is time-keeper just a name tat i give it..i dont think ters tose word in the diction but as deal said my diction..kui kui..well i name tat later...i will always remember all of my fren even time keep going...n tose note act as my tat i know all of my fren is always wiff me..waaa...T_T mis u fren. just telling u tat..ur note or time-keeper note was save n sound as i keep it in my time capsule..kui kui. i think if u see my time-capsule u'll laugh at me...kui kui

okey i think enough already wif tose..back to d topic..ape nak jadi..hahaha
lawak betul kalu ingat mende nie..did u notice tat d title comes from a song???
or maybe tis will ring a bell..
ape nak jadi, ape nak jadi, sampai skarang pon x kawin lagi.....any idea???
okey let me continue..tose song yg dah mcm pantun tue..kitorang-me n my sis+my younger bro
sang or bpantun..kui kui kui
time kite orang nyanyi tue tgh hari kayon tgh masak n me lazy around then balik my form2 bro
he said he was so hungry so he bought two nasi air all for himself..(mkn bykkan)
but then n my sis yg lapr n nasi blum siap ask for one s he got two but unluckly he said kami pon bpantun laa kenakan budak niee:(p/s:d lyric made dah x brape ingt)

ape nak jadi 2x
sampai skrang pon x kawin lg..(kayon start wif tis...must be mumblin coz of too tired)

ape nak jadi 2x
ade adik pon xleh nak kongsi2

ape nak jadi 2x
perut ku inie asyik bbunyi2

ape nak jadi 2x
sampai skarang pon x makan lagiii

ape nak jadi 2x
makan maggii pon jadi(waaahahaha..yg nie brape nk jadi kut)

ape nak jadi 2x
makan maggie hari2

ape nak jadi 2x
ade kakak ade kakak yg slalu dengkiii(bro ku balas...kui kui..)

ape nak jadi 2x


(dok igt dowh eh...hehehe..pyakit short-term memory kut...kene bc Quran bayk2 niee)

till then..

Monday, March 29, 2010

My fren blogG deal's blogG

salam. greetings..peace be upon us all

urmm..finally.i got a fren wif blog..tis is d link of her blog,
juz click ur cursor on the blue-written-word
maa to read her writting..she's really good in english..jealousy got the better of me..kui kui kui...have a visit...oopss i forgt to tel u..tis blog is belong to fren or d japanese i know..hehehe..gome deal..ur sure love jap but i know u love hangul n kors how bout changing to d korean i know...hehe

a speech 4 a fren??? ^_^*

I don’t really sure. But, I’ve been told by my fren to make a speech??? For my another fren to be put on her blog. I cant realy figure out wut kind of speech. But, I’ll write wut I want. Hope it’ll br as she wishes. I have nothing fun to share.

But then I think, I’ll juz talk bout my frens on our final year as high schooler before we sat for our future-determination-like-test..kekeke..sound funny huh?? But it really s. if we fail in tis test, then it’ll be our doomed, u know…the people will ask how is our result. And if we don’t get a good result, tat will be like the biggest ashamed in our life. But, don’t get dramatic yet. I guess, it is not as bad as I’d been imagined all tis while. It was juz the same words tat came out from our greatgreatgreatgrandseniors…hahaha..

Enough with the bothering tests. It had finished already, rite?? So, juz forget bout it. We shuld think bout s’thing tat will make us feel happy so tat we’ll live longer. People said, ‘live life to the fullest’ am I rite??? Now, I want to tell u a lil story tat revolved around year 2009. wanna know wut? In the middle of the year 2009, all of sudden, without any plan, a nine-people group had been emerged among the 31 students from the class of pure science stream of our school and surprisingly, I was in it too. We actually called our group as Copper (ii) ion [Cu2+]. Did u guys really believe dat we called our group wif tat name??? it was funny rite?? But, the name really catchy…hehehe…(or not??). at least, we could remember s’thing from the chemistry subject…hmm…But, don’t be misunderstood yet and think dat we honto only knows dat word in chemistry…^^;;;

All nine of us have very very different personalities among each other… sometimes, it made me think, how can we formed a group with such various kinds of characteristics. Talking bout forming the group, I want to eplain before it’s too late. Our group is not a wut is so called some kind of cocky group of people in school whom were responsible in bullying others. We were juz nakama dat chasing for the same dream. It is to do well in our test and continue our studies to the higher level.

Alrite, now, let’s talk bout my thought of the eight of others. I’ll write bout ‘em beginning from who’s born earliest and so on. Ok, we start off wif Emah(Zee). P/s: the name in the bracket is the name dat I wish to call ‘em wif even I didn’t really call ‘em wif dat name…kekeke…juz having fun…^_^…hope they’ll not be angry wif me…>0<… for me, she’s like a know-it-all. She had always said to us dat she was keen of Physic and Chemistry. But, if u talk or ask her bout other subjects, she’ll surely can give da rite answers (even there r times when there’ll be some unavoided flaw…hehehe…shh..dont tell her dat. She’ll be angry wif me. This is juz between u guys n me…oops, juz kiddin’-*smile). The second one is Kiah (Zach). Wanna tel u wut…she’s the most childish among us. But, don’t be surprise when she order u to do s’thing coz she’s a really good leader and can lead other people and manage things well. She’s also got dat “art hand” and a good drawer.

Next is Pipah(Anne). She’s a born genius for me and I’m quite sure others think the same way as me. She can juz solve any problems given to her in no time no matter it was ‘bout or wut kind of subject. Juz name it. Now, its Mini’s (Amy’s) turn. I think she’d a person who always ready to lend a hand and she’ll do it without hoping for repayment. She’s also quite upfront. Pa(Afira) is a talkative. She always had s’thing to talk. U’ll never feel lonely if u r wif her. She’ll never hide her trueself. And not forgetting, she’s also the one who shares the b’day wif me on 920825. now, lets talk ‘bout Kak Long(Kelly). She’s the one who’s closest to me. Well, we share the same interest, u know. So, its natural to be close to the person who share the same interest as us. She has a very kind and soft heart and she’s willing to help fren s anytime. Then, I wanna tell u bout Thirah(Anna). Don’t judge a book by its cover. Tis maxim is really true. When u first see her, u mite think dat she’s hard to approach and by looks like a lil brat. But, it’s wrong. She’s a very easy-going person. As time passed by, I figured out dat she’s a strong yet sensitive person.

Next, I’ll write bout Ja(Fiza). She some kind of wut we call the last-Malay-lady??? Or wutev..^^..she always talked very polite. But, don’t be fooled wif dat coz she has another personality. That is the mood-maker side. She’s the one who always making the atmosphere more lively..urrmm..i think, she’s born for that particular reason..kekeke..ehmm..dont take it to heart, ja..juz fooling around^_^* I think this is enough. Oops… I missed one thing. Dat is revealing myself.’s nothing important. I’ll keep my identity a secret like L in The Death Note although at the end he revealed his name-L. Lawliet…hehehe….(Argh!!! I like L).

Btw, specially thnx 4 the 8 of ‘em who had been and still being nice and good chingu, nakama, daichi, friend, zumala’, comrade, pengyou, kawan, rakan, sahabat, etc… I hope haegbok will always be wif us and dat we will always hasiridase towards our yume and tomenaide until we zettai reach it. For me frens are important…like SHINee sang in their song, ”sanso gateu neo”. But, for me “SANSO GATEUN CHINGU”….^^;;;

++ I juz love the song DREAMS COME TRUE perf by HEY SAY JUMP. The lyrics are so meaningful….

W!t lurv3;

Al@N MY stamp…^^*
(d stamp cant be post coz of several tecn error)

written by deal..s her time keeper note..thank a lot deal!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

yaksuu iS PrOmIsE

salam. greetings. peace upon us all..
#keep smilling#

promise is yaksuu..yaksuu is promise..i'm tryin to write here promise is promise...hmm..i think i try to tell u: janji tetap janji(muahaha_confuse here)

hmm...i still remembr wen i finish my form five study..i ask evryone to write down me a note..
a time keeper note..or best said..time capsule note..n wen they ask for wat..i said for my blog fren must be waitin for tis it..still deal's time keeper note cant type coz i don hav enugh time..demo..i'll do it later..insyallah(mcm dlm lagu tue..)
got to go to i'll finish here...

tis one...from beloved afif..d one n my only afif

...plan view...

tis one from my tomodaichi..she sure loved to write in

tis one from my respected her advice..(ingat tue jilll!!!)

tis one from Tin-bighand-chan.. love u too tin..ukhwah fillah 4 ever(amin)

tis one from along-chwan..miss u my mas-ulah..mis ur morning bekal too!!(muahaha)

tis one from..mean...hehe..noona is here!!!

lastly from my happy-go-lucky fren..mis u my tomodaichi..miss to hear ur jokes..
s i stop going to skool aftr fom i didnt get d chance to meet my other frens(who cont to study fom 6 wile waitin 4 d result)..soo..i didnt get d chance to ask for hafiz, hazim n lee time-keeper note..

minna san..arigato gozaimasta..

noted made: 27/3/2010, at 0230

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


salam...greetings. peace be upon u..
#smilling smilllinnng#
minna san..i'm back..
hehe. sashiburii(somethin my fren deal love to say)
hehe. i think tis jill is anothr jill..not totaly but differ in some way..keke(deal love to rite tis wen chatin..hehe)
btw..thank u to mom dad..ayong(specially) bro n blogger n miss diaries..everyone
n most of all thanks to Allah, alhamdulillah..
even i'm still way too far need changes..but i'm appy tat i'm better...i can feel tat my body is lighter...oneday...i heard some one (one of my family member but cant recall who was it..)reading tis: kurangkan makan dan tidur kerana yg demikian itu menyebabkan penyakit malas..quote by Iman As-Syafie. hmm i don think tat i write d rite sentence but mafhum.. means alot too do wen i readin all d khalifah story..sirah nabawiyah..
i figured tat i learnt more tat way..hehe
mmm..most of all i lov story bout Amirul Mukminin Khalifah Umar Al-Khattab..Sultan Muhammad Fateh..n mostly Uwais..
easily speaking i read all tose from u mr.blogger n miss diaries..hehe
keep writting coz some1 here is reading n learning

seem like i'm out off d topic hehe..
again thankss to everyone..minna-san arigato gozaimashata..gomawo
sheishei nee..toche2..thank u..sooo much

p/s: hope can write better like u mr.bloggers n miss diaries
keep smilling..n don 4get to leave a komen membina buat jill yerr

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


salam. greetings..#yawned#
mmm..week niee plh letih skli..byk knduri kn 'ikut(mgikut)'..lesen krta
pepum miss u all miss diaries n mr bloggers..keep updating ur blog bcoz some1 here is reading
hehe..miss u too my fren..
jaa nee


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

bdk degil+ bdk pmalas=jill ke???

wahahaha. hey mr blog n miss diary..
b4 i go...i want to conteng2 tis place with my routine yesterday2(kelmarin)
hmm..let see:
yesterday2 i play with my cousin n mogo+sleep+solat5+readin+lazy round
n i don even touch tis laptop..kenape yek?? sajerr..durin tis days i try to learn controlin myself
n guess wat all tiss long..slame nie.. i hold d key for d laptop@password
im d only person who had d key so i can open it freely n even my bro n sis ask for my permission
wahahaha...well i did so for reason..secret.
yah back to my routine b4..hmm.. know wat i been mad by my mom n dad sayin tat i was so lazy..yaaahh.tat d fact mgaku jelah(angkat wite flag)
i must changed for good rite miss diary? wat did u say??(sape laa nak jwk ko jill ckap sensorang ngan skrin beku niee)

d truth is i'm not d kind y memang sgt malas tue dah mguasai diri ku
d truth is ana buat jee ape y orang xbuat kalau orang tak suruh(jill2 yg itu laa mom marah sgt)
tats d fact even so..jill ko mesti changed for good nak jadik good adult kam?? if not u know u r losin to d evil world...dgn all tis so call nanoteknologi(use it wisely jill)
yaaah..itulah y jill nk buat tp hati berat sgt...tulang bkarat2..kaki kejang jee..tgn angkat pon xboleh kalau bak2 kerja niee
bdk degil+pemalas=jill(nauzubillah)
bile jill ckp kat kengkawan y jill malas diorang x percaya ckp result tue la ni la(result lain citer tuee tpaksa kam afif?? )
tp yelah jill bukan bdk yg sgt pemalas(cikgu bm:ayat ulagn_potong markah)
kalau jill nie overdosenyer pemals xkan la jill pergi taketurn ngan ayon masak kam??
(pujuk diri snd bhd)
wb/pon malas masih ade y mguasai diri sooo kene buang jill y skit tuee pon(pujuk diri lg)

till den miss diary n mr blog

nerve shockin news

assalamualaikum. greeting #yawned# *blinkblink*
hehe..lamernyer xbuat entry..brape ari yerr..ntah laa.malas nak kire. tp bagus jgk coz my daily routine smkin well said BETTER kam kam kam???
tis time i got a shockin news. wahahaha. (astaghfirullahalazim..)
hmm...okey straight to d point... i want to take a break from tis stuff...bloggin, fb n fs...anythin except for my @#$%(secret stuff)
yaaah..i want to use tis time for my !@#$%(another secret) n to train myself being a good adult
wahahahaha...hehehe many days ana nak cuti niee?? hmm..rahsia(secret make a woman woman)..ntahla. tak pikir pon. lame kot. so jgn tuggu entry ana yee(bahaya ckp sensorang niee)
i will miss u big time mr blog n miss diary..u will miss me rite??
dont forget bout me..key.(mmg bahaya ckp sensorang nie)
wen im back...i'll make sure u tat i'll bring some gud news plak!!

ashiteru fillah

Friday, February 12, 2010


d entry blow is bout yesterday. n tis one is for today
rite today routine. better one..
tido+solat+makan+ngadap laptop+tido
wahahahah. see mr blog n miss diary..there u see d differ rite? dont tell me u dont mr?
u see it rite miss?
huuuhh..i tell u..i got only one routine 4 ngadap laptop. i'm happy. i succesfully learn to manage routine.
n for more..i even skip tat routine yesterday.. maa nee. somethin normal for u maybe mr. blog but not for me.*smillin*
n today i got my cousin, n aunt n uncle here(my home sweet home)
i am hapy..bcoz i got to play with d lil girl, mariam. cute saikonyer cute ini budak
gua cakap sama lue(baca ngan gaya mcm baca 'seee??')..
hmm wat more to tell u miss diary..
let see..
.....(sdg bfikir)
........(bfikir lbh panjang)
..(dpt idea)
wat did i learn today?
hmm..kesabaran seorang y b'nama kakak.
tat wat i observe today
my siter work over hard n i'm d one who
lazy a little..
i had see her doin so for days..wat a great sister
die tak marah pun. mungkin dlm hati sgt marah'kenapelah aku dpt adik pemalas'
dlm hati jelah
instead she said tis 'can u help me...'
n i just see her...
then she do everythin by herself.
patient. she learn to be patient. no..
she had been patient with herself
n as for me..malas
i need to manage myself rite if i wan be a gud adult like my ayong
then i need to be rajin..lets do it. even as slow as d kure2
i must. i must n i must cian kat ayon(ksian saje xder maknernyer jill...)
come on girl wake up n b a diligent girl..

till then mr blog n miss diary
~jaa nee~


assalamualaikum. greetings to all.
or i shuld also say sashiburi(somethin tat my fren love to say).
i happy u know
n why?? why??
bcoz d nite b4 i found some interestin blogg
a blog tat i could observe wat gud n wat bad
a blogg tat show me wat adult world was
how d outside world was
4 me outside world mean
a world tat i need to be independent
cant be protected by my parent anymore
from danger any danger
n only got to see them home...
dos blog i found was somethin tat make me smile so suddenly
i said tis to myself:
'akhirnyer..ade jugak blog y dpt jill tgk bagaimana
sbenarnye kehidupan dunia luar..
jill dpt tgk ape cabaran y akan dihadapi oleh sorang dewasa
wat shuld i do
wat i shuld not do'
yeah betul..kite manusia ade akal xkan xdapat pikir kot
mane pisang n mane bara
tp kalau yg kene pikir 2 seorang babby?? macm mane??
mesti ade y tlg tunjukkan..
kite manusia biasa bukan wali n jauh skali nabi
tapi Allah sayngkan smua hambnya y b'iman
kite ade nabi junjungan
kite ikut ape y nabi ajarkan
but again setelah rasulullah s.a.w tiada
mesti ader y teruskan pjuangan beliau
so org tulah y kite kene cari
tat people i gonna search for
teman sebenar2nya
ayah n ibu
siape pun asal ader y nak tunjukkan pada jill
mane arang mane pisang
mane hutan mane jalan
mane nasi mane lauk
mane baik mane buruk
dos blog y bukan hanya satu tp satu y dah linkkan pade sejuta blog lg y bguna
alhamdulillah i shuld say
demo..frankly speakin
i truly cant find d rite word how greatful i am
alhamdulillah( d most rite word)
thanks to d blogger(even if they don know)
still i don how to express my greatful to them
coz maybe they don believe me?
i just hoped tat they believe in my only word

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


salam. greeting. wahahaha
blog sana x upload blog sini hari2 pon upload..well. xcukup jari nak taip.
wahaha..entry bdak degil..sape?? ku jualah.
malam nie kayon ckp stop la laptop tue..lewat bgn sok. tp jill degil xleh xkira nak bloggin jgk xkira entry pendek pon. n for today punye routine well manage skit . tue pon sbb dah ade byk keje..jadik bukak laptop..main laptop..mgadap laptop tue routine yg dah kurg skit. wahaha.hehehe. n i think i shuld said alhamdulillah..yah routineku masih lagi same: bgn+masak+simpan umah+laptop+simpan agi+laptop+tido
hehehe. see.kan ade dua jee routine laptop tue. wahaha.i'm happy. byk yg dah ku usaha agr kurang dgn fbku y msh bcuti tp jill ttp xleh tinggal ternet nie. n somethin to share hr nie kayon punya gulai soton jadi. best. saikonyer best. 98 percent same ngan umi..w/pon kayon gune resepi lain..thanx ayon for d dish.
okeh la mr blog..tidur lu..esok ade amali 4 lesen keta..#yawned#

#yawned lg#.salam.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

driVinG LiCeNsE

the day i wen to d driving skool..i kind of shock+afraid+angry=mute.
wen we arrive i saw 1000 of people..n my heart r thumpin 1000 times per second. one thing i am sure at d moment, i am shock+afraid+angry=mute wif wat i see. so tis is how d outside world was like. jika ade pilihan antara jadi katak bawah tempurung dgn katak atas tempurung..i choose d 1st one. actually wat did i see kan??
yah somethin tat make me think..kalau kat sini pon macam nie..kat luar4 sana mcm mana? kat KL macm mana?? macam mane macam mane sebernarnya nie?? yes..
mcam mane macam nie:
i saw somethin tat make me buat satu peribahasa baru..'rambut sama hitam tapi bojen(jambul) lain-lain'. lucu but tat d fact. even some of my skoolmate lps abis spm nie dah jadik macam tu..realy i don wan to mengaku diorang sbg fren but some tat i know. yeah its totaly different bet 'fren n somebody tat i know'. at least in my book. diorang tanpe sedar dah darkened their gud point in my book. huh..biarlah. demo, for some reason i still know them, n i will greet them, b gud to them, they stil have my respect n i wanna be their fren bcoz i don wanna be like them..changed. i am who i am. so just fren wif me as who i am.
honto nie..i don wanna changed myself for tat.once again i said my peribahasa was way too true..nowaday'rambut sama hitam tp bojen lain2'

(T_T) i miss d old them


salam. greeting. #yawned# i wen out wif my sis..kitorang kluar g bandar amik gambr 4 our driving license..hmm. she ask me to be independent n do my stuff all by myself.. i thought 4 a second."x independent ke??" slame nie mmg i'm kind off hang to somebody for stuff. tapi soalnyer..i'm afraid to be independent, afraid to be adult, afraid to go outside there n do d routine all by myself.
wat im afraid of?? mankind?? no surely no wif big capital letter!!
i'm afraid to loose myself. afraid to loose to d world, to d evil world.. pliz i wan to be myself. let me just be a gud adult if i am to enter dis zone.
i'm afraid theres no way to run..coz someday i need to go out there. if its truly hapened later, ten let me loose myself to no one.
naah let not spoil d mood..n d pict was kind of cute..kawai nee.(perasan=kenyataan)

Monday, February 8, 2010


salam. greeting. *blinkblink*
adik-bradikku mndpt deman y bpanjangan tp kenapaku deman shari jee??
yee. i envy of my siblin yg dpt deman y lama tuuee.."xbaik xbsyukur ngan nikmat masa sihat!"
benar bukan untk riak tapi ahlhamdulillah i am healthy..demo i kind of susah nak jatuh sakit.. so i don know how d feelin.. n surely i wanna mane bleh mintak jatuh sakit kan??
tahniah 4 my sibling y deman lelama..jgn mgeluh jatuh sakit..sebab setiap y Allah takdirkan bg kita adalah untuk kebaikan kita. Allah alwasy know wat rite for us. Allah Maha Mengetahui.
Istimewanya orang sakit. Sakit seorang hamba yang sakit lebih 3 hari ,maka keluar dosa-dosanya sebagaimana baru lahir dari kandungan ibunya. jadik wen will i get sick wift tis tough body?? sihat x bererti xleh nak gain pahala. manusia yang disukai Allah ialah manusia y kuat..jadik sihat pon maksudnya kuat. n we even get d credit to gain it more wift tis healthy body. we can go out n do our daily routine freely. asalkan mulakan sesuatu dgn bismillah. maka anda sedang buat sesuatu kerana Allah. betulkan niat. ikhlas krn Allah. syarat ibadat ditrima Allah ialah ikhlas. so klau x ikhlas rugi jee wak baik tapi x diterima Allah.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Siapa yang tidak mengakui indahnya bunga? Dengan warna yang menarik dan bau yang harum, ia sering menjadi idaman. Kadang-kadang ia juga menjadi perhiasan. Indahnya wajah pula bergantung kepada mata yang melihatnya. Mata yang menilai pula mendapat tafsiran tentang keindahan dari akalnya. Akal yang baik dan cergas adalah akal yang dipandu oleh kasih kepada Allah dan Rasulnya. Bukankah ini yang dinamakan Iman?
Tidak seorang pun yang dapat menafikan betapa indahnya mega petang. Warnanya yang begitu menawan, memukau setiap mata yang memandang, setiap hati yang terusik dan setiap jiwa yang rindukan kedamaian. Namun, lebih indah lagi sekiranya hati kecilnya berkata: "Maha Suci Allah, tidak engkau jadikan semua ini sia-sia. Maha Suci Engkau Ya Allah, lindungilah aku dari api neraka."

Begitu juga dengan keindahan jeram-jeram di kali, dedaun gugur dihembus angin. Peristiwa-peristiwa sebegini amat meninggalkan kesan kepada hati makhluk yang bergelar insan. Itulah hakikatnya, fitrah jiwa manusia. Jiwanya cenderung kepada keindahan dan kecantikan. Biar apapun pangkat dan kedudukannya.

Seorang kaya mungkin ingin merasakan bahawa keindahan itu adalah rumahnya yang tersergam indah di atas bukit dan potretnya dilukis hebat. Seorang fakir pula mungkin merasakan bahawa keindahan itu adalah riak wajah anak-anak kecilnya yang menunggu kepulangannya. Namun, tidak ramai yang mengetahuitentang wujudnya suatu keindahan hakiki. Indahnya ia membuahkan perasaan kasih sayang kepada ibu dan ayah.

Indahnya ia melahirkan rasa kasih pada sahabat dan indahnya ia, memandu akal dan jiwa kepada ketenangan, kedamaian, dan kerinduan kepada kebahagiaan. Itulah tanda kasih dan sayang pada Maha Pencipta dan Maha Pengasih. Itulah tanda kasih dan sayang pada Allah dan Rasulnya. Hatinya berbisik lagi..... "Ya Allah, banyaknya nikmatMu padaku. Tapi, sedikitnya aku bersyukur. Ya Allah, hatiku tahu nafsu jahat itu musuhku, tapi banyak jalan-jalannya yang telah aku turuti. Ya Allah, besarnya pengorbanan ayah, tingginya nilai kasih dan mesra ibu, tapi aduhai..... sedikitnya doaku untuk mereka.
Ampunkan, ampunkanlah wahai yang Maha Pengasih."

Marilah kita bersama-sama memiliki keindahan iman ini. Milikilah ia dengan banyak merenung dan memikirkan nikmat-nikmat Allah milikilah ia denagn ilmu yang mendalam, mudah-mudahan dengannya keindahan yang hakiki akan kita perolehi. Tidak seperti keindahan dunia ini, yang hanya bersifat sementara... ..

a bitter conclusion

salam. greeting to all. sape?? bahaya ckp sensorang nie..
hehehe. just now i eat a chicken soup. best said chicken ball soup. my sis, a chef make it. hahaha.
means..a day off for me from cookin. cookin i kind of "eee geramnyer".why did i need 2 search 4 recipe 2 cook while my sis doesnt?? napelah aku x observe bebaik dr dulu. kan senang skang xyah...bgn tido awal smata2 na cr resepi dulu 4 masak. wel dont judge me like"bdk skematik elektronik..belajar masak?" its not tat i just wanna it be easy..wen some ask me to cook..there u go. my cookin. easy. its not tat i said why i didnt go to cookin lesson earlier but d problem is why i didnt observed it rite wen mom does d cookin?? aint i a gud observer? huh..i came 2 realise the fact tat "i observe wat i like..wat interestin" not realy cuz i'm gud in bad things too!! or is bad things interestin??

nah. dont get me wron gain. let make conclusion after all. even its so sudden without d solution. best said finish tis agrument already..hmm

premis 1: i'm a gud observer since child
premis 2: i fail to observe how my mom did d cookin
conclusion: i'm still need improvement in my observing!! yes. surely

n to tell you(without intend to show off)..tat i'm a gud observer.(still cannot accept d conclusion) i'm d kind tat can do many stuff. not realy but wat i'm interested drawin.colourin(been mad by my sis sayin tat i'm no gud).cookin. readin.singin.n stuff. yah its some easy stuff n i'm still in progressin. easy said tat every one can draw..yah but not every one can nicely draw pict. drawin somethin tat i observed from my lil sis. d colourin along, an architect. d cookin my sis, a chef. youngr bro(who i hoped to be my older brother). fren.stuff tat i just..(i think i shuld only sin to myself. its a stuff tat will never improve. suare tak sedap). n so on..bla.bla.bla.bla

waah. i'm tired of writing already..ja nee

Saturday, February 6, 2010

salam. greeting.#yawned#
ni entry ke2 4 hari niee
ape kejadah la budak niee sorang xde keje lain
mengadap laptop je keje die
u know me
pagi tadi mgantuk bgn lewat
mlm pon mgantuk nak tido dah..
xde benda nak citer..
tadi jill masak kerabu soton jadik la
buleh dmakam oleh manusia laa
x keracunan..wahahaha
ape lagi yer??
hmm..rutin hari niee
bgn+solat+tido balik+bgn+ngadap laptop+
carik resepi+masak+ngadap laptop+solat+khatam novel+
mandi+solat+ngadap laptop+solat+ngadap laptop agi+solat+
ngadap laptop+makam+tido
apelah..mgadap laptop je
hobi baru sejak menjagung nie
salam. greeting.#yawned#
tido dulu yee..(bahaya cakap sensorang nie)


salam. greetings.#yawned#
hehehe. nak cakap berpagi-pagian x jugak...
bangun2 jee trus mgadap laptop..huhu
carik resepi nak masak hari niee
nieelah akibatnyer kalau mase mak ckp xnak masuk dapur
kang nak masak kene carik resepi dulu
xpe asal janji xsalah kan..
asal masak..siap..sedap..n boleh dimakan..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

time..somethin tat goes on not around
d past gone.. d future comin..watever it is NOW is the most important
the past i got 2 cherish it d future i had 2 make sure it better
the 'now' i will cherish d past n work 4 d future

Monday, January 11, 2010

bY woRd of moUtH

A father was angry with his little boy because he didn't hit a home run in the baseball game, and shouted, "You did your best? Well, your best just isn't good enough, is it?"