Thursday, April 29, 2010


salam. peace be upon you..entry nie dah lame tp br jerr nk dipostkan.

coco n sarang recycle nyer sabar yer coco

ooo...hensem upernyer si coco nie tue la psal pmalu sgt kot

keciknyer coco lg kecik dr tapak tgn

si coco yg pemalu..hahahaha

one day, time, my lil bro was just ready to cycle his beloved crimson bicycle..came our neighbour name achik with something in his hand.. achik ten ask udin.
"nk g masjid ko din??" "hoo. bakpo chik??? gapo tuh dale tgn demo??", ask udin in return..
achik with his smilling face...keep smilling..showing his teeth.."hehehe..burung..nk wi ko mu nok dok". udin, " igat mano...bakpo mu x peronyo???"
"bukee...ank burng nie jatuh pahtu keno tggal ko mok dioo..pahtu aku jupo tp mok aku x wi pero...."
"ank brung gapo..titir ko kukur nieh??? ee boleh jgk tp tkut mok aku xwi jgak"
"ank titir aku raso..sbb size dio nok dop???"
"buleh laaa....", udin's finale decision!!! he decide to adopt d baby bird!!! yay!!

then, he call me, "kiah amik niee..udin nk gi smaye..". n when i go...that was d time d story begun........ it so for its fur was brownish..size-small. cute, naughty but shy...1st 2 n 3 days coco with us i didnt giv much time to it bcoz udin's there helpin it eating n drinking but later udin's bcoming busy..yeah!! of coz he need to go to school n as for i'm staying home back there_having so much time to waste...kui kui so i take d responsibilities..
it was just coco know me..d one who fed it mostly in d morning n i felt so close to it
there is sometime it didnt wanna eat excpt being fed by me..hehehe kawai nee
i also tought coco to make sound..shrieking as he was so small to shout..kui kui
whenever i walk pass it, i made d sound n make sure he reply..if not i keep making d sound
he was so clever to copy me so sooner...making me love him more...sarangaeyoooo...
i bcoming more busy=house chores+prepration 4 d interview(wrtting essay n so on)+filling form
n so on..i spared lil time wif coco n ask my other sibling n mom 2 to look for..
unluckly...a few day b4 i depart to terengganu 4 d interview, he broke his leg!!! there was a rustic nail in between d cage's woods. he no more jumping from my hand whenever i try to catch it. he looks soo weak..i can see he wasnt smilling. n when i call him he ans wif its sadist damei damei..dont!!!!!!!!!
i dont wanna give up..i gav him extra care. change d cage n fed him better. i put gamat oil so tats his wound will be fine sooner. i can see changes in him, he ate more eagerly than b4..but he didnt like to walk d one of d things he love to do b4. he also love flying but i just let him, or trained him sometime as i'm afraid if he was really2 flying n left to d outside world. he was still so small. i was determined to let him free when he recover n grew bigger. hik hik hik.
a day b4 i left to trengganu, i remind my bro to take gud care of him. n when i came back he was still d same. things going on for a few weeks. later, i was call to register myself at cherating for preparation progrm..i left him home witha heavy heart n feeling. i look at him, he was as usual better. i remind my family over n over to take gud care of it. i post his photo on fb n comment on those pic happily, easier 4 me to look at, at cherating later..
he go..he left me when i wasnt beside him. he died of his illness. he must be very sick n i didnt know. he must endure it all alone. poor him. he just a small birdy. he must be calling praying for his mom to come. he was just an orphan. why shuld it happent to him?? wae??
maybe he was just acting better in front of me?? i knew the news later then d day of his death. my family didnt told me. they may think i will be very upset. yes i am!!
my bro told me n i denied it for several time thinking maybe he was lying to me as this is my 1st time been far from home. my heart felt like been cut wif a sharp knife. its hurt!! coco!!!!!!!!!!!
~coCo iN MeMoRy~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

missing my messy blog

assalamualaikum. greeting. peace be upon u.

hmmm..its been too long since i last update my blog entry..frankly speaking i open it everytime i can but totally cant make any new entry since i was very the busy(ceih ceih koya busy skit). demo!!!!!!! wat is imporant is ITS FULL WITH COBWEBS oh noo!!!!!!! damei damei!!!! getting late now, 1st i said 2 myself "i'm going to sleep at 11 or 12 tonite" but i 4got i need to help mum with d dish..after my ummu back home from her niteclass, she cooked gulai ikan..mmm..1st i ask ummi wat was d strange-looking-fish in d fridge bcoz i'm going to cook it 2morrow..if i didnt use d fish then there no more things to i ask mum as it will be easy for me to search 4 a recipe in the internet if i know its names. surprisingly, the name is 'gruk' donno how wasit spell-ed n pronounce. since its too weird name i believe i cant find any recipe 2morow. tat was my simple-minded-conclusion. therefore, luckily ummni said she'll help me to cook tonite..


at 11 ummi back home safely wif my brother. alhamdulillah. then after finished other matter..i remind my ummu bout d fish...huhuhu...luckily i rember to remind her. so at 12 or something we began cooking wif all -the-already-prepared-material(yeke owg putih pggil material??). hmm puan2 tuan2..don look down on gulai ikan. it needs gentle-loving-cooking-stail. hahaha..but its d truth. i'm telling u!!!!!! bcoz fishes are soo soft meat so we cant stir d gulai. if not it will be a mess to d gulai. so instead of stirring we need to use other method like 'lenggang..pernah dgr owg ckp lenggng?'
so wif that we had a nice delicious gulai ikan!! yay.

ooppss..forget bout the ingredient(hmm nie baru betul laa zakiah) n the cooking method(yeke nie??)
okey !st boil a little water dlm periuk..mmmm..tis one must be over boil or 100 degree celcius hot!! **rember tat or not ur gulai will turn to 'bbutir2 wif santan'(susah jugak nk ckp nieh)
2nd wen the water is 100 degree celcius boiling add the santan n **remmber to stir is as frequent as u can to prevent to cougulating.yeh!!!
3rd..wen d santan boiled for moments add d blended ingredient (3 onion, one garlic, 4 slices tumeric, 3 dried chilies_bgantung pd how much was d fish laa yer**remmber to blend d chilies 1st b4 other so tat d chilies is well blended n tak jadik biig piecesss...camtu laa lebih kurang) n smashed lengkuas(camtu larr)
4th wen the mixture boiled again add the fishes..n few minutes later add some cucumber n green chillies
5th let d fish n the cucumber cooked 1st then add salt(season d gulai..yer)
6th if d taste is delicious n all is cooked then its already cooked and ready to be eaten with nice-white-warm rice..slamat mencuba dan menjamu selera!!

p/sst: mmm..i'm going to sapu d sesawng yg memenuhi blog ku..till then..jaa nee*__*