Sunday, November 21, 2010

moonwalk n talk

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركلته

n greeting to all non muslims…

moonwalk n talk??? sound interesting to me…hik hik..maa nee

straight to d point…few days go…my fren n i had a party..sort d roof top…in nite under d open sky n wif the moon n only one shiny things probably satelite instead of star as our VIP guest..kui kui..

great!!! eating bitza, cake, drink tea(wif d cold weather outside….huhhh…great), eating fathirah n firakh maswi….lazizzzzz giddan!!! to be true, its been long since we, KIBA graduate last gather round…its our chingu, maira idea…thanks to her…

sometime to feel different air is also great..change our mood…gives us time to thinks of the creation Allah create..walk n talk wif our chingu…n so on

in reality, it make me think sometime…tis is medical student life huh??? sokka…we fill our empty wif friends from hardwork n studies…

medical student gambaru masho!!!!!!!!!!!!

till then n keep smilling bcoz Allah is watching >_<




tis is alexandria nite view…

always bwuduk

greetings n السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

minna san keep smilling nae!!!! bcoz Allah love The Most Beautiful n love beautiful…didnt people who smile look more beautiful??? naa then smile always to others but bcoz of Allah nae…haik gambaru masho on that !!!!!

always bwuduk….being here in egypt especially we, malaysian students learn to always in wuduk bcoz its hard to search 4 water….naaa not tat hard tat u imagine but sometime there are time we running out of water so be prepared bcoz solat is d most important things!!!! we went to lectures n section wif wuduk wif us so if da masuk waktu solat we can just pray. here we need to rush…running b4 time not after time bcoz our time was so precious!!! lecturer will start at any time…hihihi(pliz don imagine tat medical student was so busy…not tat busy….we r managing our time, tats how it is…)

something greta i learn here in egypt their people took solat as their top priority…n we can just pray whenever we want…besides d road…besides d lecture hall! at station wherever!!! hotto nie

still people had their pride n we all prefer a special, clean and comfortable place to meet HIM right???  DSC01349

Saturday, November 20, 2010

GoIng tO ThE BeAcH



going to the beACH was something i loved to do in leaisure….either morning or evening the feeling was d same. the breeze keep welcoming me. loved to walk slowly wearing the thin clothes n sat all evening besides the sea…facing it…everytime i go it must be a deep thinking moment.  everytime it always teach me new things new experienced new lesson, give me new spirit n strength n there would always new doa. i wonder what if d end of the year came??? a time tat i need to move out of the hostel n step to another stage….will i had anytime to visit it more…maa nee

Allah knows  all. demo…i will take d step for sure…i want to graduate as a doctor with wide knowledge…

i watch a movie, it said “why did we choose this career(doctor) instead of others???” it would be many ans “loved, passionate, dignity n pride. besides, help other was some of d ans” but d truth was said “we(doctors) do it for d people we loved” when i think of it deeply…its comes out to be true~~~

till then…with lots of lot from a doctor to be..keep smilling bcoz Allah is watching…>_<