Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ApE NaK jAdi

salam.. greetings to all. peace be upon us all.
*smillin as usual*

hmm..my fren deal must be waitin for her time-keeper note..gome..tbh..i finished it already..but still need somethin to do..u know deal..wif ur stamp!!!..muahaha..ur own stamp..la di da

okey..maybe u want 2 know wat is time-keeper note..hehe..it just a name tat i give it..i dont think ters tose word in the diction but as deal said ..in my diction..kui kui..well i name so..so tat later...i will always remember all of my fren even time keep going...n tose note act as my keeper..how tat i know all of my fren is always wiff me..waaa...T_T mis u already..my fren. just telling u tat..ur note or time-keeper note was save n sound as i keep it in my time capsule..kui kui. i think if u see my time-capsule u'll laugh at me...kui kui

okey i think enough already wif tose..back to d topic..ape nak jadi..hahaha
lawak betul kalu ingat mende nie..did u notice tat d title comes from a song???
or maybe tis will ring a bell..
ape nak jadi, ape nak jadi, sampai skarang pon x kawin lagi.....any idea???
okey let me continue..tose song yg dah mcm pantun tue..kitorang-me n my sis+my younger bro
sang or bpantun..kui kui kui
time kite orang nyanyi tue tgh hari kayon tgh masak n me lazy around then balik my form2 bro
he said he was so hungry so he bought two nasi air all for himself..(mkn bykkan)
but then kami..me n my sis yg lapr n nasi blum siap ask for one s he got two but unluckly he said no..hahaha..so kami pon bpantun laa kenakan budak niee:(p/s:d lyric made dah x brape ingt)

ape nak jadi 2x
sampai skrang pon x kawin lg..(kayon start wif tis...must be mumblin coz of too tired)

ape nak jadi 2x
ade adik pon xleh nak kongsi2

ape nak jadi 2x
perut ku inie asyik bbunyi2

ape nak jadi 2x
sampai skarang pon x makan lagiii

ape nak jadi 2x
makan maggii pon jadi(waaahahaha..yg nie brape nk jadi kut)

ape nak jadi 2x
makan maggie hari2

ape nak jadi 2x
ade kakak ade kakak yg slalu dengkiii(bro ku balas...kui kui..)

ape nak jadi 2x


(dok igt dowh eh...hehehe..pyakit short-term memory kut...kene bc Quran bayk2 niee)

till then..

Monday, March 29, 2010

My fren blogG deal's blogG

salam. greetings..peace be upon us all

urmm..finally.i got a fren wif blog..tis is d link of her blog,
juz click ur cursor on the blue-written-word
maa nee..love to read her writting..she's really good in english..jealousy got the better of me..kui kui kui...have a visit...oopss i forgt to tel u..tis blog is belong to deal..my fren or d japanese i know..hehehe..gome deal..ur sure love jap but i know u love hangul n kors more..hehe..so how bout changing to d korean i know...hehe

a speech 4 a fren??? ^_^*

I don’t really sure. But, I’ve been told by my fren to make a speech??? For my another fren to be put on her blog. I cant realy figure out wut kind of speech. But, I’ll write wut I want. Hope it’ll br as she wishes. I have nothing fun to share.

But then I think, I’ll juz talk bout my frens on our final year as high schooler before we sat for our future-determination-like-test..kekeke..sound funny huh?? But it really s. if we fail in tis test, then it’ll be our doomed, u know…the people will ask how is our result. And if we don’t get a good result, tat will be like the biggest ashamed in our life. But, don’t get dramatic yet. I guess, it is not as bad as I’d been imagined all tis while. It was juz the same words tat came out from our greatgreatgreatgrandseniors…hahaha..

Enough with the bothering tests. It had finished already, rite?? So, juz forget bout it. We shuld think bout s’thing tat will make us feel happy so tat we’ll live longer. People said, ‘live life to the fullest’ am I rite??? Now, I want to tell u a lil story tat revolved around year 2009. wanna know wut? In the middle of the year 2009, all of sudden, without any plan, a nine-people group had been emerged among the 31 students from the class of pure science stream of our school and surprisingly, I was in it too. We actually called our group as Copper (ii) ion [Cu2+]. Did u guys really believe dat we called our group wif tat name??? it was funny rite?? But, the name really catchy…hehehe…(or not??). at least, we could remember s’thing from the chemistry subject…hmm…But, don’t be misunderstood yet and think dat we honto only knows dat word in chemistry…^^;;;

All nine of us have very very different personalities among each other… sometimes, it made me think, how can we formed a group with such various kinds of characteristics. Talking bout forming the group, I want to eplain before it’s too late. Our group is not a wut is so called some kind of cocky group of people in school whom were responsible in bullying others. We were juz nakama dat chasing for the same dream. It is to do well in our test and continue our studies to the higher level.

Alrite, now, let’s talk bout my thought of the eight of others. I’ll write bout ‘em beginning from who’s born earliest and so on. Ok, we start off wif Emah(Zee). P/s: the name in the bracket is the name dat I wish to call ‘em wif even I didn’t really call ‘em wif dat name…kekeke…juz having fun…^_^…hope they’ll not be angry wif me…>0<… for me, she’s like a know-it-all. She had always said to us dat she was keen of Physic and Chemistry. But, if u talk or ask her bout other subjects, she’ll surely can give da rite answers (even there r times when there’ll be some unavoided flaw…hehehe…shh..dont tell her dat. She’ll be angry wif me. This is juz between u guys n me…oops, juz kiddin’-*smile). The second one is Kiah (Zach). Wanna tel u wut…she’s the most childish among us. But, don’t be surprise when she order u to do s’thing coz she’s a really good leader and can lead other people and manage things well. She’s also got dat “art hand” and a good drawer.

Next is Pipah(Anne). She’s a born genius for me and I’m quite sure others think the same way as me. She can juz solve any problems given to her in no time no matter it was ‘bout or wut kind of subject. Juz name it. Now, its Mini’s (Amy’s) turn. I think she’d a person who always ready to lend a hand and she’ll do it without hoping for repayment. She’s also quite upfront. Pa(Afira) is a talkative. She always had s’thing to talk. U’ll never feel lonely if u r wif her. She’ll never hide her trueself. And not forgetting, she’s also the one who shares the b’day wif me on 920825. now, lets talk ‘bout Kak Long(Kelly). She’s the one who’s closest to me. Well, we share the same interest, u know. So, its natural to be close to the person who share the same interest as us. She has a very kind and soft heart and she’s willing to help fren s anytime. Then, I wanna tell u bout Thirah(Anna). Don’t judge a book by its cover. Tis maxim is really true. When u first see her, u mite think dat she’s hard to approach and by looks like a lil brat. But, it’s wrong. She’s a very easy-going person. As time passed by, I figured out dat she’s a strong yet sensitive person.

Next, I’ll write bout Ja(Fiza). She some kind of wut we call the last-Malay-lady??? Or wutev..^^..she always talked very polite. But, don’t be fooled wif dat coz she has another personality. That is the mood-maker side. She’s the one who always making the atmosphere more lively..urrmm..i think, she’s born for that particular reason..kekeke..ehmm..dont take it to heart, ja..juz fooling around^_^* I think this is enough. Oops… I missed one thing. Dat is revealing myself. Ah..it’s nothing important. I’ll keep my identity a secret like L in The Death Note although at the end he revealed his name-L. Lawliet…hehehe….(Argh!!! I like L).

Btw, specially thnx 4 the 8 of ‘em who had been and still being nice and good chingu, nakama, daichi, friend, zumala’, comrade, pengyou, kawan, rakan, sahabat, etc… I hope haegbok will always be wif us and dat we will always hasiridase towards our yume and tomenaide until we zettai reach it. For me frens are important…like SHINee sang in their song, ”sanso gateu neo”. But, for me “SANSO GATEUN CHINGU”….^^;;;

++ I juz love the song DREAMS COME TRUE perf by HEY SAY JUMP. The lyrics are so meaningful….

W!t lurv3;

Al@N MY stamp…kekeke..lol..^^*
(d stamp cant be post coz of several tecn error)

written by deal..s her time keeper note..thank a lot deal!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

yaksuu iS PrOmIsE

salam. greetings. peace upon us all..
#keep smilling#

promise is yaksuu..yaksuu is promise..i'm tryin to write here promise is promise...hmm..i think i try to tell u: janji tetap janji(muahaha_confuse here)

hmm...i still remembr wen i finish my form five study..i ask evryone to write down me a note..
a time keeper note..or best said..time capsule note..n wen they ask for wat..i said for my blog
so...my fren must be waitin for it..so tis it..still deal's time keeper note cant type coz i don hav enugh time..demo..i'll do it later..insyallah(mcm dlm lagu tue..)
got to go to sleep..so i'll finish here...

tis one...from afif..my beloved afif..d one n my only afif

...plan view...

tis one from my tomodaichi..she sure loved to write in hangul..deal

tis one from my respected fren..syirah..love her advice..(ingat tue jilll!!!)

tis one from Tin-bighand-chan.. love u too tin..ukhwah fillah 4 ever(amin)

tis one from along-chwan..miss u my mas-ulah..mis ur morning bekal too!!(muahaha)

tis one from..mean...hehe..noona is here!!!

lastly from my happy-go-lucky fren..mis u my tomodaichi..miss to hear ur jokes..
s i stop going to skool aftr fom 5..so i didnt get d chance to meet my other frens(who cont to study fom 6 wile waitin 4 d result)..soo..i didnt get d chance to ask for hafiz, hazim n lee time-keeper note..

minna san..arigato gozaimasta..

noted made: 27/3/2010, at 0230

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


salam...greetings. peace be upon u..
#smilling smilllinnng#
minna san..i'm back..
hehe. sashiburii(somethin my fren deal love to say)
hehe. i think tis jill is anothr jill..not totaly but differ in some way..keke(deal love to rite tis wen chatin..hehe)
btw..thank u to everybody..my mom dad..ayong(specially)..my bro n sis..mr blogger n miss diaries..everyone
n most of all thanks to Allah, alhamdulillah..
even i'm still way too far need changes..but i'm appy tat i'm better...i can feel tat my body is lighter...oneday...i heard some one (one of my family member but cant recall who was it..)reading tis: kurangkan makan dan tidur kerana yg demikian itu menyebabkan penyakit malas..quote by Iman As-Syafie. hmm i don think tat i write d rite sentence but mafhum..
btw..it means alot too me..so do wen i readin all d khalifah story..sirah nabawiyah..
i figured tat i learnt more tat way..hehe
mmm..most of all i lov story bout Amirul Mukminin Khalifah Umar Al-Khattab..Sultan Muhammad Fateh..n mostly Uwais..
easily speaking i read all tose from u mr.blogger n miss diaries..hehe
keep writting coz some1 here is reading n learning

seem like i'm out off d topic hehe..
again thankss to everyone..minna-san arigato gozaimashata..gomawo
sheishei nee..toche2..thank u..sooo much

p/s: hope can write better like u mr.bloggers n miss diaries
keep smilling..n don 4get to leave a komen membina buat jill yerr

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


salam. greetings..#yawned#
mmm..week niee plh letih skli..byk knduri kn 'ikut(mgikut)'..lesen krta
pepum miss u all miss diaries n mr bloggers..keep updating ur blog bcoz some1 here is reading
hehe..miss u too my fren..
jaa nee