Sunday, October 10, 2010

ArABiAn a.k.a arab people 1

salam. peace be upon you n greetings to all muslim n non muslim

arab people or arabian is define as d origin people who live in arabic country such as egypt. the arabic people i’m talking is more focus on egyptian people becoz i live among them.

when 1st came here, i heard many type of version of how egyptian was. some says they hard on us n some said they were great like angle…mmm spt yg kite slalu dgr manusia bleh jd baik mcm malaikat n jahat mcm setan…overkan tp tulah kenyataan

okey…i dont wanna tell you how egyptian was but i gonna tell you stories n you can be the judge!!! but its may be bias as its only come from my point of view or what i experiance. mmm..most of what i can recall was good things less on bad. but some people may analyse why are they acting good?? may be they had bad intention??? who knows..again you can be d judge!!!

okey i gonna tell you one story today…

one day…(ceihh..klasik betul), as i was on my way to hostel we dropped by a store. we wanted to buy milk. (as far as i know we love drinking milk here as its good for our body resistent…hmm). so usually if we wanted to buy milk we would buy 3-4 packet not only 1 just like we drinking it just on d day. no. we buy stock for a month usually. n d generall store we usually go run out of milk…(sape laaa yg beli sampai habis niee..) so we walked again n dropped by another store…hmmm…kecik tapi penuh satu kedai brg die…so we ask for bukhairah(milk brand) n they said what?? we said: bikhairah….laban(stand 4 susu)

they said ooOO bikhiro!!! seem like diffrnt people of egyptian said diffrently..huuuuhhhhh(tganga!!) n they keep laughing n singing ‘bikhiro bikhiro be hero be hero…i’m a hero’

we: bikhiro fiii???@ bikhiro ade??(mmm friendly jgk pcik niee) bikam@brape???

they: fiii… khamsah wa nus@5.50 L.E

we: takhfid syuwai…khamsah mashi??? @ kuranglaa skit…5 genith bleh???

they: is d final..if i sell 5 genith i’ll rugi. u buy at the gama’ah cheaper bcoz tats d army place they got discount…tis is not the army area..bla bla bla. know what 1st we talk in arabic but then when they were mad they talk in english!!! sebal betul gue…they start mumbling till we agree as we didnt had another choice no other store we found sell for 5.50 except 6 genith.. it seems like cost of things here diffr from place 2 place even just u walk minutes n found another store..there u go another cost for d milk.

its just us who need to bijak mcari tmpt mbeli..kedai niee brg nie murah kedai nie brg nie mahal n so on… n my fren bought bikhiro only for 4 genith something at carefour..hahaha..but we need to catch for taxi with 5 genith..xpela lain kali kite borong 4 bulan depan..

keep reading d next story n smilling as always.

rememmber u can be d judge!!


pst: not d store…dis is d other store selling biscuits..n the store owner earlier  was guy!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

medical ethics


convensyen center aka 1st module session

salam. peace be upon you n greetings to all. i’m smilling as always. Ya Rabb plizz give me strength to keep only smile.

our 1st module for our 1st semester was just finished. alhamdulillah everything went smooth n d rest is doa n tawakal. my roomate once said: never afraid of exam but believe in usaha doa n tawakkal. so its mean believe in Allah is all what we need.  حسن ظن بلله

okey what we just learn in 1st module…yah we were bit nervous when we going to start d module back there. but it turns the other way as what we learn 1st is study skill?? what is d correct way for a doctor to study???  simple thing but yes we were thought on that. a good doctor is d one who keep on learning.  it said in the module: through the ages, medicine has been describe as the noblest profession as a good doc is keen on acting according to moral science not as an obligation but because it is right d thing to do. n  thats what we learn in medical ethics!!!!

its a guide how a graduate doct shuld be later.  n it make me realise how the doctors of the centuries been so sincere. what about me? is my niat is in the right place as great as them??? ikhlas kah kite nk jadi doc??? malulah pade diri sendiri kalau niat anda x seperti nie saat masyarkt memanandg ia sbg pekerjaan yg mulia.

we also learn biostatistis…sound hard!!! but alhamdulillah its easier than in spm. what more interesting the keen of our lecture teaching us over n over again till we understood!!! they always love if we call them sisters brothers mothers n fathers.

n what more, we learnt med term tat what medic student call, stand for medical terminology. tis one was fun learning the secret language of the doc. muahahaha n some term comes out so funny!!! exampla cephallo means head n many more

n tas all we learnt in 1st module. yah gonna go prepared my mental for d 2nd modul, nutrient. biochemistry!!!!_feeling undescribe-able

jaaa nee~~~salam

keep smilling ALLAH is watching u!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

makanan YG DimaKan Of cOz La oLeH HUMan

JUS aka a'sir tebu..betul2 tebu lah...n plastik kedai wahba kedai makanan pling murah n sering jd tmpt budk mara aka malaysia beli makanan(harga jus 1 L.E)

nasi kafe seri putera (harga 8 L.E)
kebab aka shawarma dlm basa arab mesir...byk daging...kurg sayur (HARGA 5 L.E)

makrunah..sedap n murah org ckp tp didnt suit my tongue (HARGA 3 L.E)

kedai kek amik gmbr n kena tgkap nasib jaga die pompuan
tp yg lain sume laki (PLG MURAH 5.25 L.E)

minum time 1st visit to uni..air kopi pekat n panas...yg penting free promotion muahaha

makan sikit yg dah jatuh...belum dikeringkan lagi..rase kelat sikit tp sedap

makan time orientasi.. yg besar tue ade keju masin..pelik!!!
yg kecik tue manissss
air kotak jus sedapppp

makan tepi pantai..panjat benteng ngan senior 1st time pegi
roti choklat

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

mesir aka 2nd WoRLD


greetings...smilling peace be upon you... السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركته

(X JWB LAGI X TAHU lagii laaa..penat doh naip kut arab tuee) hai...hai hehehe ermmm..want tell..or better said write my days till now in egypt specifically alexandria...1stly its great to be here..alhamdulillah everything tat Allah had decide n plan for us is d best.. n if happens d other side i mean bad...its just us who need to think y Allah test us so..u'll find d answer..n as for me..its cormfy to ask d question always everytime something happend so y Allah send me tis strange world, far from my family, y Allah decide me to be the family doctor despite of engineer, chef, architect, designer, teacher, or dentist maybe coz tats way easier then tis... know wat, not all answer we could get it in one blink..

sometimes Allah kept the answer to make us keep as for me, for all d question that played in my mind some got answer n some still unanswered. tose all sometime give me strenght to keep struggle to d end point. n went i down, i kept questioning questionairs tis n tat. it good for my own self to settle tis went i was down but still sitting..better when sitting then laying. so i can keep standing n sitting

Ya Rabb, if oneday YOU destined me to be layed down

pliz do give strenght to sit stil

Ya Rabb, if one day YOU destined me to be sitting

pliz do give me strenght to stand still

Ya Rabb, if one day YOU destined me to stand

plizz do give me strength to fly

plizz do give strength to climb higher

only to you i ask help n from YOU i got help