Saturday, October 15, 2016

Automatic Thoughts

I thought for a night. That i should stop writting in facebook again. 
I distract my focus. I feel to happy to share with people but it just dont right because i feel doing it all the time, when actually i had other important thing to settle on time. 

I told my mother i cant focus on my reading. And somepart of me wanna lazy around and i didnt feel the eager to know the knowledge again because i think i have read the book and i already know. But i still forget it in the exams, so i should read. 

I think its because i shared all my life in facebook that i didnt save part for myself to be secret. Then i will solely attach to the worl i made. 

Lord please guide me back to you. I am heading in the wrong direction. 

Plus my ATs or automatic thought starting to grow bigger and bigger. 
I need to record it, rasionalize, and respond it well not by updating status because that will make worst. 

Ok. I need to start reading my books again. Focus and stop and stay away from public for a atleast a 3 weeks plus minus. 

Remember, i wanna be a doctor. And actually i had a dream that i wanna get A for internal medicine as a gift for my parent. But everything seem harder now. But i should not give up. 
I must study hard and get As. This is my last chance. Lord help me too. Help me please. Even i study i still forget and then the question sheet will be so difficult for me. Im afraid lord. Please help me. Please. 
I cant never get A without you. Because you are the Only to do everything compare to my small effort. 

Lord pleaseee. I need your help. 



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